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KAPorg is designed to help humanitarian organizations understand their organizational capacity needs and set priorities, develop organizational development and training plans, serve as a networking platform to empower national NGOs, improve communication and visibility, and connect with implementing partners and donors worldwide.

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The inspiration behind KAPorg is to create a platform to support local organization development and facilitate visibility, networking  and communications  for implementing partners and donors seeking to honor the Grand Bargain commitment.

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What is the Grand
Bargain Commitment ?

In May 2016, 18 donor countries and 16 aid organisations signed a ‘Grand Bargain’ that aims to get more means into the hands of people in need. This commitment aims to provide more of global humanitarian funding to local and national responders along with more un-earmarked money, and increased multi-year funding. Moreover, the promotion of locally managed pooled funding presents an opportunity for local implementing partners to directly apply for grants from the Humanitarian Pooled Funding managed by UNOCHA.

Now more than ever, NGOs that serve as local implementing partners for internationally-funded programs play a central role in ensuring that essential services are delivered over the “final mile” to vulnerable populations affected by crisis. Overstretched local implementing partners are continually being required to adapt their organizational postures, system, policies, and procedures to align with partner and donor requirements, but are often limited in their ability to focus on strategic and organizational development that will improve their own sustainability beyond any single project.

KAPorg is designed by humanitarian professionals to meet this need and help organizations explore assess their needs to develop long term local capacity that is  more efficient and effective in delivering humanitarian assistance and more accountable to the populations they serve and funds they manage.

Through KAPorg you will be able to:

Assess your NGO’s
Organizational Capacity

Find out how prepared your NGO is to comply with various donor regulations and ensure sustainability for long-term humanitarian engagement

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Connect with
humanitarian partners

Use KAPorg to showcase your organization’s capabilities and to find other organizations that complement your work in order to establish future partnerships

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Identify NGOs you
would like to fund

If you are a an organization looking for NGOs that meet your strategic priorities, you won't need to look any further. Use KAPorg to browse and compare interested NGOs, explore their work, and find out their scores in terms of organizational capacity and performance.

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