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If you are a donor seeking implementing partners,  KAPorg
lets you browse and locate NGOs that meet your needs – worldwide

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KAPorg highlights top-rated NGOs in organizational capacity and quality of services. Explore our database of national partners that match the expertise, access, and geographical coverage you need to implement your next program.

Explore and connect with humanitarian partners

Our KAPorg database lets donors browse and locate the right implementing partners for their programs – worldwide.

Access key information on future partners

Review in-depth NGO profiles that show all the necessary information on sectoral expertise, capacities and contact information. KAPorg lets donors view and compare NGO scorecards to see areas assessed and how potential partners have scored.

Delegate assessment tasks and track real-time progress

Task-management allows you to track and assign assessment tasks to individuals or teams, ensuring that the right people answer the right questions.

Connect directly with matching partner organizations

Our comprehensive verification process means donors can have confidence engaging their best-suited program partners directly with KAPorg.

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